Eric Tittley A Canadian astronomer living in
Bonnie Scotland


How and when did the universe become re-ionized?

What is the nature of Dark Matter?

Does it interact with itself?

What can the largest bound objects in the Universe tell us?


Codes for enabling radiative transfer in cosmological simulations

  • RT - Radiative Transfer library package for ionizing radiation in cosmological simulations
  • RT_CUDA - RT implementation for nVidia GPUs
  • Grace - GPU-based Ray-tracing through SPH: Rays
  • RTSPH - Ray-tracing through SPH: Point-to-point
  • RTSPH_CUDA - GPU-based Ray-tracing through SPH: Point-to-point
  • Manitou - RT/RT_CUDA merged with RTSPH
  • Taranis - RT_CUDA merged with Grace

Libraries for numerical analysis languages

Codes for astrophysical data analysis

  • SpecExtract - Parallelized version of Jamie Bolton's SpecExtract

General use C/C++ libraries